‘Jeopardy!’ Crowns an ‘All-Star Games’ $1 Million Winner in Epic Finale

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Jeopardy!‘s first All-Star Games came to an end as Tuesday’s broadcast featured the second day of the finals round.

Teams Brad, Ken, and Colby partook in the last bracket and beat out the other contending teams — six collectively, including themselves. The eight-day tournament featured some of the show’s most iconic champions, like finalists Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter, Colby Burnett, as well as Austin Rogers, Buzzy Cohen, Julia Collins, and Jennifer Giles.

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Consisting of two games per round and with four total rounds, the finals were a close match for Team Ken and Brad. At the end of game one, Team Brad’s total was $36,000, while Team Ken’s group gathered $32,500. Heading into the second game, though, Team Ken stumbled, only winning $16,200 compared to Team Brad’s game two total of $34,000.

Ultimately, Team Brad, consisting of Rutter, Larissa Kelly and David Madden, walked away champions with the All-Star Games‘ grand prize of $1 million. Team Ken, made up of Jennings, Matt Jackson and Monica Thieu, claimed a prize of $300,000, and Team Colby, made up of Burnett, Pam Mueller and Alan Lin, collected $100,000.

At the end of the day, these competitors are more than just game players, they’re friends, and that was clear from watching. Jennings took to social media to congratulate winner Rutter in a tweet. “At this point I’ve seen @bradrutter win Jeopardy tournaments so many unlikely ways that nothing surprises me,” he wrote. “Whatever his belief system is is definitely the correct one and we should all adopt it.”

The show celebrated the All-Star Games with a special video compilation which can be seen below.

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