How Will Fiona Leave ‘Shameless’? 5 Theories Ahead of the Season 9 Finale

Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME

[Spoiler Alert: Do not read ahead if you have not watched “Lost,” the March 3 episode of Shameless.]

It’s been a long and drunken fall to rock bottom for Shameless‘ Fiona (Emmy Rossum), but in the March 3 episode, the eldest Gallagher sibling finally got her life back on track.

As fans saw in the episode prior to “Lost,” Fiona had resolved to start attending AA meetings with brother Lip (Jeremy Allen White), which carried over into the latest installment. And she still has more to contend with other than sobriety — she’s facing assault charges after punching her South Side neighbor who called the police on youngest brother Liam (Christian Isaiah).

If she doesn’t find a job and prove that she’s on the up and up, she could very well face jail time. Thankfully, she does find employment with the night shift at a local bodega. But it’s what happens during her first shift that gives her hope — Max (Neal Bledsoe), the guy who got her to invest in a real estate venture, reveals that one of those investments paid off and he offers to buy her out for $100,000.

So what’s next? With just one episode left in the season — the last for Emmy Rossum — we break down a few possibilities below.

Fiona Restarts Her Real Estate Career

Up until her recent rough patch, Fiona had been showing a clear knack for real estate. Now, with $100,000 in her pocket, she could look into heading down a more stable career path. It’s safe to say she bit off more than she could chew in her earlier endeavors, but starting small with her new chunk of change could turn into a long-lasting enterprise.

Fiona Flees to a New City

In the teaser for “Found,” Fiona is seen standing on a subway platform with a suitcase. Where could she be headed? Since Season 1, she’s been torn between leaving the South Side and staying with her family, but now could finally be the right time for her to spread her wings and fly the coop for a new city. The only question is where or who could she be going to?

She Pays Her Way to Freedom

Could this windfall save Fiona from jail time? We know she could very well be heading to prison, but since one Gallagher already did that this season, we really hope that’s not the case. Perhaps her new funds could serve as a settlement to the woman she punched.

She Makes Amends

Viewers never got to see Fiona bid farewell to brother Ian (Cameron Monaghan) when he entered prison. As seen in the preview for the finale, it appears she’s making up for her absence on that day by visiting him (and maybe picking him after he’s released?). Whether its part of a step in recovery or just a farewell of her own, the moment would surely be one fans wouldn’t want to miss.

Fiona Puts Herself First

After years of taking care of her siblings and drunk of a father Frank (William H. Macy), Fiona’s money could give her the life she never dared to dream of — maybe with a jaunt around the globe? Traveling abroad could give her the perspective she’s looking for and leave the door open for her potential return before the series wraps.

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