First Look at Sam Rockwell & Michelle Williams in the ‘Fosse/Verdon’ Trailer (VIDEO)

Sam ROckwell and Michelle Williams in Fosse/Verdon
Pari Dukovic/FX
Michelle Williams as Gwen Verdon, Sam Rockwell as Bob Fosse in Fosse/Verdon

FX has released the first trailer of its upcoming miniseries, Fosse/Verdon, which follows the romantic and professional partnership between iconic choreographer Bob Fosse and legendary dancer Gwen Verdon.

Sam Rockwell slips chameleon-like into the role of Fosse, complete with a comb-over and an ever-present, gravity-defying cigarette. And Michelle Williams is simply uncanny in both looks and demeanor as Verdon.

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FX's New Limited Series 'Fosse/Verdon' to Explore Couple's Love Story

The show will span four decades, ending with Fosse's death in 1987.

During the Television Critics Association’s recent Winter Press Tour, Williams shared, “From the people that I’ve spoken to, the thing I kept hearing over and over again was that she was like the sunshine in the room.”

The eight-part miniseries premieres April 9 on FX and showcases the duo’s biggest successes onstage and behind-the-scenes, and how their work succeeded even after their love failed. “They’re like twin souls,” Williams explained. “[They’re] like light and dark that’s always chasing each other and shaping each other.”

Watch the trailer below:

Fosse/Verdon, Premieres Tuesday, April 9, 10/9c, FX