Wendy Williams Finally Sets Talk Show Return After Two-Month Hiatus

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Wendy Williams will be returning to host her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, on Monday, March 4 following a two-month hiatus.

The 54-year-old stepped away from the show back in December after experiencing complications due to her Graves’ Disease.

However, on Thursday, February 21, the show’s production company announced her return.

“Wendy Williams is an incredible talent with the most unique voice in daytime. We can’t wait to welcome her back to her iconic purple chair on the set of her show,” production company Debmar-Mercury said in a statement.

“We so appreciate all of the guest hosts and panelists who filled in for Wendy during this time. These people are, and always will be, true family to the show. And we want to thank all of the loyal and supportive fans who have been with us for 10 years now.”

Williams also announced her return in a statement on Thursday, February 21.

“Salute to Debmar-Mercury for believing from the start and thanks to my staff for tirelessly holding it down for me,” she said.

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WATCH: Wendy Williams Announces Graves' Disease Diagnosis, Hiatus From Show

The host is taking a hiatus from hosting to focus on her health.

Williams’ last show was on Friday, December 21. She then went on a week-long hiatus, but that unfortunately turned into a two-month departure.

A number of celebrities have filled in for Williams during her break, including Nick Cannon, Jason Biggs, Michael Rapaport, and Jerry O’Connell.

Her family released a statement regarding her health back in January and revealed she even needed to spend time in a hospital.


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“Over the past few days, Wendy has experienced complications regarding her Graves’ Disease that will require treatment,” they said in a statement on January 21.

“Wendy will be under the strict supervision of her physicians, and as part of her care, there will be significant time spent in the hospital. Despite her strong desire to return, she is taking a necessary, extended break from her show to focus on her personal and physical well-being.”