Will Jennifer Esposito’s Phoebe Baker Return to ‘Law & Order: SVU’?

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Fans are desperate to see Jennifer Esposito return to Law & Order: SVU following her appearance on the show last week.

The former Blue Bloods actress guest-starred as Sgt. Phoebe Baker, the head of the New York Police Department’s Vice Unit, who also happens to be a former colleague — and romantic partner — of Fin Tutuola (played by Ice-T).

On last week’s episode, “Brothel,” Baker helped the detectives solve a murder case involving a prostitute. They also worked together to take down the dirty cops and judge(!) involved in the traveling brothel.

At the end of the episode, we learned more about Baker and Tutuola’s romantic past, as the two shared a drink together at the bar.

In fact, Tutuola even proposed having a drink again sometime, but Baker revealed she was seeing someone. Awkward!

Though it doesn’t look like Baker and  Tutuola will be starting a new relationship anytime soon, there’s hope Esposito may return in the future.  Ice-T even alluded to the possibility of Esposito returning in an interview with TV Insider last week.

“Anything can happen. She doesn’t die,” he noted.

While Esposito has yet to comment on her potential return, she did thank the fans for all their support with a tweet on Saturday, February 16.

“Sending love back to you all. Always so nice to know that people appreciate what you do.  Xoxoxoxoxo.”

News broke about Esposito being on the show when Ice-T tweeted a video of the pair back in January.

“On location NYC 7 degrees #SVU @JennifersWayJE  Kinda COLD…,” he said.

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