‘NCIS’: What’s Next After That Ziva Bombshell?

Spoiler Alert
Sonja Flemming/CBS

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 16, Episode 13 of NCIS, “She.”]

After weeks of wondering how Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) would factor into the NCIS “She” episode, fans were finally rewarded with a satisfying update on the former team member.

The episode kicked off with a little girl name Lily being found, and she’s soon discovered to be the daughter of the subject of a former missing person’s case.

Apparently, her mother Morgan went missing 10 years prior and it was believed she died when her car went off of a cliff. However, the girl confirms that her mom is alive and the two were being held captive in a basement by a man named Robert Hill (Matt Lasky).

Though the investigation was closed, Ziva — who was initially assigned the case — never stopped pursuing the case and they learned by searching through files that she continued to look for answers at a private office. Upon visiting the office, Bishop finds loads of files and journals from Ziva including a message from Morgan’s mother that was intended to be read to her captor.

Inspired by Ziva’s persistence, Bishop (Emily Wickersham) wanted to see the case through, despite Gibbs (Mark Harmon) being against it as he believed she was too emotionally invested. Bishop works to track down Robert Hill and ultimately finds him. And when she sees Ziva’s promise through and reads Morgan’s letter, he claims someone already read it to him.

Confused, Bishop heads back to Ziva’s private office where she finds that things have been shifted around the room. Underneath a scarf on the desk, Bishop finds a simple letter that reads, “Eleanor Bishop, For the safety of my family, Please keep my secret.” And no signature is needed because we realize that Ziva is actually alive!

After believing her to be dead for a few years now, this news is certainly exciting for fans of the long-running series. The development leaves the door open for Cote de Pablo’s potential return, although no word yet on that happening for sure. With mention of Michael Weatherly‘s DiNozzo in the episode as well, could there be a big reunion for the pair on the horizon?

Whether its this season or the next or even somewhere further down the line, this open door would make for a satisfying end to their story. Plus, as indicated in the letter, Ziva is protecting her family from harm by making them believe she’s dead. Perhaps the show could explore the danger she is facing, maybe even see her conquer it?

Either way, Ziva’s path continues and even if it’s not on camera just yet.

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