10 Best Ziva David Moments to Celebrate Her ‘NCIS’ Return (PHOTOS)

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ziva - kill-ari-part-1
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Ziva Meets Tony

“Kill Ari (Part 1),” Season 3, Episode 1

The banter begins the first time that Tony and Ziva meet and the rest is history.

ziva - silver-war

Ziva’s Driving

“Silver War,” Season 3, Episode 4

Ziva behind the wheel proved to be a wild ride for McGee and Tony who were subject to her crazy maneuvers. Needless to say, it’s one of Ziva’s funniest moments in the series.

ziva - hiatus-part-1

Ziva’s Slap Fight

“Hiatus: Part 1,” Season 3, Episode 23

Ziva and Abby weren’t super close when she first arrived on the scene at NCIS, and in this Season 3 moment, it was extremely apparent when the women get into a slap fight.

ziva - last-man-standing
Cliff Lipson/CBS

Ziva Sings

“Last Man Standing,” Season 6, Episode 1

During a mission, Ziva goes undercover and Cote de Pablo gets to use her real singing chops to sell the scheme.

ziva - false-witness
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Ziva and McGee Are Spooked

“False Witness,” Season 8, Episode 10

In a rather comical turn of events, Ziva and McGee are spooked when confetti explodes around them for a holiday prank by Tony.

ziva - extreme-prejudice

Ziva and Tony Get Trapped

“Extreme Prejudice,” Season 10, Episode 1

Although they could get on each other’s nerves, this scene which found Ziva and Tony trapped in an elevator, showed a different side of their relationship, as they were equal parts worried and flirtatious.

ziva - shel-shock-part-2
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Ziva Misses Her Sister

“Shell Shock: Part II,” Season 10, Episode 7

In a brief scene during this episode, Ziva opens up to Tony about losing her sister Tali. She reveals that that week is particularly difficult because it’s near Tali’s birthday, and in exchange for this information, Tony offers some genuine comfort.

ziva - shabbat-shalom
Monty Brinton/CBS

Ziva’s Father Is Killed

“Shabbat Shalom,” Season 10, Episode 11

When Ziva and her father Eli David (Michael Nouri) attend dinner at the Vances’ (Rocky Carroll and Paula Newsome) they never expected it would end in gunfire. Sadly, Ziva’s father is one of two casualties as a result of the shooting and her reaction is utterly devastating.

ziva - past-present-&-future
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Tony Finds Ziva

“Past, Present & Future,” Season 11, Episode 2

After traveling to Israel to find her, Tony respects her wishes and leaves Ziva there alone. It was an emotional goodbye as the episode was Cote de Pablo’s final episode on the series (until now?).

NCIS 1024 Ziva return

Ziva Returns

“Daughters,” Season 10 Episode 24

In the final moments of the finale, Ziva joined Gibbs in his basement and warned him he’s in danger.

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It’s never easy saying goodbye to beloved characters, but when it comes to shows like NCIS, the door is often left open for those characters to return.

Although it seemingly wasn’t the case for Cote de Pablo‘s Ziva David — she was (presumed) dead — that changed in Season 16. After strong suggestions that she’s, in fact, alive, she returned in the finale with a warning for Gibbs (Mark Harmon). (This did, however, come just after Gibbs saw the ghost of his dead ex-wife.)

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Fans will have to tune in to the Season 17 premiere to find out exactly what’s going on, but in the meantime they can relive their some of her best moments from the series in the gallery above. From her relationship with DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and her hilarious quirks to some downright emotional scenes, click through the images above for a walk down memory lane.

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