‘Into the Dark’ Has a #MeToo Moment With the Jimmi Simpson-Starring ‘Treehouse’

Into The Dark: Treehouse
Aaron Epstein/Hulu

“Treehouse,” the latest installment of Into the Dark, Hulu’s series of macabre, standalone stories, serves up a frightening, timely tale for the #MeToo era.

Peter Rake (Westworld‘s Jimmi Simpson, above, with onscreen daughter Kylie Rogers), a well-known TV chef, “has been in a position of power and abused it,” executive producer and star Julianna Guill explains of the sexual predator. “He has never considered how his behavior impacts those around him.”

Until he flees town. Following some allegations made against him, he heads to his family’s secluded villa. On his way, the father and divorcé stops at a bait shop and meets a group of women (played by Guill, Mary McCormack and Stephanie Beatriz, among others) in a bachelorette party.

Let’s just say things get witchy from there — and Guill’s musician Kara, the most recent object of Peter’s flirtation, is a major part of it all. “She’s the most emotionally affected,” Guill teases.

The big question, though, according to the producer, is “Can [Peter] make a change, or is he going to continue in this pattern of behavior?” And does he even deserve the chance?

Into the Dark, “Treehouse,” Episode Premiere, Friday, March 1, Hulu