‘The Bachelor’ Episode 5: A Week of Many Firsts (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[SPOILER ALERT: This recap features spoilers from the Season 23, Episode 5 of The Bachelor.]

Say goodbye to Singapore and hello to Thailand because Bachelor Colton Underwood’s international journey to find love with his remaining contestants is well underway.

Not only did one of the women leave early, but another also happened to get her first kiss… ever! Brace yourselves, because that was all just in the first 30 minutes of the episode.

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Here’s what you might have missed on The Bachelor:

Heather’s First Kiss

We learned earlier this season that Heather has never been kissed, so we expected that to be the topic of the day when she scored her first one-on-one date.

In her confessional, she admitted that she’d be totally down to kiss Colton, even though that wasn’t anything she’d done before in her past relationships.

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The pair went on an “authentic” boat tour of Thailand and Hannah gushed that, “If there’s ever to be a time I was going to kiss someone, this is the setting.”

When they sat down for dinner, Hannah revealed that she dated a “nice guy” for 8 months but actually wasn’t truly into him so nothing happened. Colton told her he was nervous to kiss her because she’s waited so long, but they agreed they’re both willing to move forward and deepen their bond.

And move forward they did, because Colton gave Heather her first kiss under a sky filled with fireworks. What could have been a more magical memory than that?

Elyse’s Decision

Remember Colton’s one-on-one date with Elyse? Where she told him the heartbreaking story about how she lost her sister to cancer and they both bonded over charity work?

Those feelings are getting fuzzy because now Elyse is having second thoughts. She doesn’t believe she and Colton are on the same page.

After he got back from his one-on-one with Heather, Elyse got all dolled up in her “statement dress” and went to see Colton. She confessed through tears that The Bachelor format wasn’t working for her.

She needs more quality one-on-one dates, not just quick moments together here and there. “I literally can’t accept a proposal after a few months of sharing your time and attention with other people,” she said.. “I can’t do it.”

Even though they were both pretty heartbroken about it, Elyse made the decision to leave.

Onyeka Vs. Nicole Part I

After the “explore the jungle” group date with Demi, Caelynn, Hannah B., Sydney, Tayshia, Kirpa, Onyeka, Nicole, and Hannah G., Onyeka decided that she needed to warn Colton about a certain contestant during the cocktail party.

She pulled Colton aside to tell him that she’d heard through Elyse that Nicole said she was only there to “find opportunity to leave Miami,” not to fall in love with Colton.

But when Colton pulled Nicole aside to ask her about it, she denied everything, and said her words were twisted. “Colton, that couldn’t be further from the truth,” Nicole cried. “I’m here because I haven’t been able to find love.”

Of course, you know what’s about to go down. Nicole confronted Onyeka and told her it wasn’t cool to tell Colton that instead of coming to her first.

Ohh and P.S. Hannah B. got the date rose.

Cassie’s One-On-One Date

Cassie is invited on her very first one-on-one this episode, too, and they spent the day on a “private island”— but it’s really more of a sandbank.

They really didn’t do much talking as they spent their time swimming and making out. But when they had the chance to converse later during the evening portion, Cassie admitted something tough to Colton: she’s not a virgin, even though everyone back home in her church and her community thinks that she is.

Colton thanked her for opening up and by the end of the date they ended up making out and snuggling in bed together (fully clothed, BTW).

Colton couldn’t contain his emotions and told Cassie he’s “crazy” about her. And she got a rose.

Onyeka Vs. Nicole Part II

At the cocktail party, Nicole pulled Colton aside to let him know that she was seriously only there to find love — not because she had other motives.

He said he appreciated hearing that from her, and then, Nicole went on to let him know that Onyeka has been “bullying” her the entire season and called her “emotionally unstable.”

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In true telephone fashion, Colton went back to Onyeka and said, “I did talk to Nicole. She, uh, brought up some things of you bullying her and belittling her.”

“It’s all lies!” Onyeka insisted. “She’s not a good person… And I know you can do so much better.”

Then, Onyeka pulled Nicole over to a separate couch area and called her a “liar.” The bickering escalated to the point where Colton interrupted them — “I just came over here because I heard you guys yelling.”

It’s all too much for the sensitive virgin, who walks away to clear his head and gather himself on the beach.

So whose side did Colton take? We’ll find out next week.

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