Fork Yeah! MAD Magazine Goes to ‘The Good Place’ (PHOTO)


You know you’ve made it when you land a TV Guide Magazine cover and get spoofed in MAD Magazine. Well, check them both off the list for The Good Place, because the NBC comedy that was recently named one of the big winners of 2018 by one print icon is getting skewered by the other.

In the comedy publication’s upcoming Issue #6, “The Goodest Place” will cheekily take fans back to Season 1 of the series for a parody featuring Hellenor, Needi, Tsunami Al-Gebra, the rest of our favorite souls and…the cast of Lost?

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It actually makes sense when you think about the fact they’re both shows about dead people making terrible choices. Even cooler: The writer of the spoof is named Desmond Devlin.

Check out the exclusive preview of the feature’s opening spread below. (NOTE: CLICK HERE FOR A LARGER VIEW.)

“The Goodest Place” isn’t the only throwback, either. The issue’s eye-popping cover by underground cult artist Michael Wartella was inspired by a vintage MAD cover by artist Norman Mingo from March 1965, as well as the classic abstract originals by MAD cartoonist Harvey Kurtzman and, of course, the trippy works of M.C. Escher. (We also see hints of Qbert, that may just be us.)

MAD Magazine’s spoof of The Good Place hits stands on February 19