‘The Bachelor’ Episode 4: Serious Topics in Singapore (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[SPOILER ALERT: This recap features spoilers from the Season 23, Episode 4 of The Bachelor.]

Now that Colton Underwood has narrowed down his Bachelor contestants from 30 to 15, things are getting real which means it’s time for the international travel to begin.

The ladies jetted off to Singapore, and they brought all their baggage with them — the serious and trivial kind. Did you really think that the Caelynn and Hannah B. feud was going to end here?

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Here’s what you missed on The Bachelor:

Tayshia’s Big Confession

Tayshia scored the first one-on-one date with Colton in Singapore, making the rest of the women very jealous.

When they met up, Tayshia found out they were going bungee jumping. They were both a little freaked out by the extreme height, but they conquered their fears and jumped. Afterwards, the lovebirds lounged on the beach and kissed in the water.

When Colton and Tayshia sat down for dinner, things took a serious turn. Tayshia opened up about a big, very personal part of her life: she was married briefly and is now divorced.

“Being a Christian women, you think you get married once and that’s gonna be it, and you expect that from your partner as well,” she explained. “But you can’t make someone want to be married.”

Her admission didn’t scare Colton off, though, and she scored a date rose. Honesty pays, people.

Getting Close With Cassie

On the next group date, Colton and Hannah G., Elyse, Kirpa, Sydney, Heather, Onyeka, Tracy, Nicole, Demi, Courtney, Katie, Cassie, and Hannah B. headed out to try some of the local food and shop in the market.

When the day was winding down, he had the chance to talk to some of the ladies one-on-one. Typically, Colton ended up in a full out make out session with Cassie.

Demi snagged some time along time and opened up about her mom being released from federal prison. She got emotional for the first time all season, which really seemed to make an impression on Colton because he gave her the group date rose.

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It ended with some drama for Courtney, though, who was upset that Demi was taking up all of Colton’s time. By the end of the date, Courtney was in tears.

Caelynn Opens Up

Caelynn and Colton headed out on their very first one-on-one date, and TBH, it was the kind of date that many people dream of.

He took her on a shopping spree, and needless to say, the other women weren’t at all pleased when she came home with her arms full of bags with brand new clothes.

That night, over dinner, Caelynn opened up about something serious and heartbreaking that impacted her life. When the beauty pageant queen was a sophomore in college she was drugged and sexually assaulted along with two of her friends at a party.

“I woke up the next morning and I was completely naked in my bed and I had no idea what happened the night before,” she said. According to Caelynn, all but one of the guys got away with what they did, and the one who was found guilty was expelled.

“The fact that that happened to you is devastating,” Colton said.

“I think every time I open up, it makes me stronger and I’m able to take a little piece of me back that was broken by it. I am way stronger than I ever imagined,” Caelynn added.

Colton then shared his story about dating someone who was sexually abused. Although he never mentioned her name, we know it’s Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, who is one of the survivors who helped put pedophile Larry Nassar in prison.

“For me, that was the hardest thing I ever had to watch,” Colton said while tearing up. “Looking into her eyes and just knowing the pain associated with [her abuse].”

The National Sexual Assault Hotline is 1-800-656-4673.

The Cocktail Party

The rest of the episode seemed trivial at this point but during the cocktail party, Colton invited Hannah G. up to his room and things got hot and heavy on his bed — clothes stayed on though.

While all of that was going on, Caelynn decided to pull Hannah B. aside so they could finally talk out their differences. It included way less fireworks than you might expect.

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They both agreed that they were feeling the tension and want to put their “feud” behind them so that they could enjoy the rest of their time on the show. The Southern gals even apologized to each other and promised to be cordial and supportive moving forward.

Later on, Demi and Courtney’s issues took center stage.

Demi wandered over to Colton and took the opportunity to warn him about Courtney. She told him Courtney verbally “attacked” and labeled Courtney the “cancer of the house.”

Courtney conveniently walked in just in time to see them kissing and then told her side of the story. “She isn’t here for you,” Courtney snapped. “The fact that you’re the Bachelor and the fact that this is a TV show is the reason why she’s here.”

Colton was very confused, again.

The Rose Ceremony

Looks like he took Demi’s side on this one, though, because Colton sent Courtney home during the Rose Ceremony along with Tracy.

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