‘God Friended Me’ Takes a Detour to Yankee Stadium in ‘Miles-Centric Episode’

Michael Greenberg/CBS

If you friend-suggest it, he will come.

February 17, Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall) and the gang head to Yankee Stadium when the mysterious God Account puts them in search of a high school baseball player with big-league aspirations — aspirations much like podcaster Miles used to have. Turns out the boy’s coach is Miles’s estranged high school buddy and teammate, Cal (Charles Brice).

“It’s a very Miles-centric episode,” says the drama’s cocreator Bryan Wynbrandt. “He was an all-city catcher, and his love of baseball comes from playing the game itself.”

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In helping his latest “friend of the week,” Miles revisits the curveball that first fractured his relationship with Cal. He also gets an assist from Yankees pitching ace CC Sabathia, who, in a cameo, provides Miles and Cal access to the stadium.

And if the baseball mecca looks more suited to passers than pitchers, there’s a reason. “When we filmed, they had converted it” for college football’s Pinstripe Bowl, Wynbrandt says. Still, cocreator Steven Lilien adds he and Wynbrandt were thrilled to capture their “Field of Dreams moment.”

The episode also brings atheist Miles closer to finding out who “God” really is. He was once thought to be the enigmatic Falken — aka hacker Henry Chase — but, Lilien says, “We’ve shifted to understanding [Chase] had a partner, Simon Hayes. He’s a new suspect. It’s a cat-and-mouse game.”

That is, until Hayes’s upcoming confrontation with Miles and his allies, journalist Cara Bloom (Violett Beane) and computer whiz Rakesh (Suraj Sharma). The key role of Hayes has been cast, but you’ll have to wait a few weeks for the big reveal. Expect the reaction to be biblical.

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