Amazon Prime’s ‘White Dragon’ Is a Dangerous Thriller Filled with Family Secrets

White Dragon
Amazon Prime

A sheltered London academic’s world crumbles when he learns that his wife has been killed in Hong Kong in Prime Video’s eight-part thriller White Dragon. But what Jonah Mulray (Doctor Who’s John Simm) thinks will be a brief, if painful, trip to the former British colony in southeastern China to settle the affairs of his wife, Megan (Dervla Kirwan), turns into a dangerous journey of discovery.

“He is faced with the growing realization that there are dark secrets to be discovered at every turn,” says writer Mark Denton, who co-created the series with fellow writer Jonny Stockwood.

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The first of many shockers comes early, shattering Jonah’s vision of his happy marriage. It wasn’t just her job — purportedly as a property developer — that had Megan traveling east so frequently. In Hong Kong, she had a second husband, former cop David Chen (Anthony Wong), and a teen daughter, Lau (Katie Leung).

“Jonah has to ask the uncomfortable question,” says Stockwood. “Did he willfully blind himself to certain elements of Megan’s life, and therefore fail her in her moment of greatest need?”

White Dragon

White Dragon

But there’s more to her double life than just a secret family. “Megan’s past caught up with her in ways she could never have predicted,” Denton hints. “Jonah soon discovers that she was balancing a whole other life that is immensely complex and quite dangerous.”

So, how much did David and Lau each know? According to Stockwood, David’s background as a cop certainly led him to suspect something was up long before meeting Jonah, which causes tension between the two as they try to unravel this mystery: “This strong, silent ex-cop has a hundred secrets he seems very unwilling to share.”

White Dragon, Series Premiere, Friday, Feb. 8, Amazon Prime Video