‘The Bachelor’ Episode 3: A Pageant Queen Feud Erupts (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert
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[SPOILER ALERT: This recap features spoilers from the Season 23, Episode 3 of The Bachelor.]

The competition is getting fierce on The Bachelor and we’re just seeing the first of Colton Underwood’s confused/annoyed face.

On Monday night’s new episode, Hannah B. and Caelynn’s pageant-fueled feud reared its ugly head filled most of the day/night, Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca guest starred, and Colton may or may not have sent a woman home before the rose ceremony even happened. Needless to say, week three was a busy one.

Here’s what you might have missed on The Bachelor:

Argh Matey

The first group date of the episode involved pirate lessons — because why wouldn’t The Bachelor feature a random date like this?

Katie, Heather, Hannah B., Courtney, Kirpa, Tracy, Demi, and Caelynn had to compete in a “sword fight” or risk sitting on the poop deck and since both Caelynn and Hannah B. were on this date, it got real mutinous, real fast.

It wasn’t just the beauty queens who were arguing, though. Demi and Tracy also got into a little scuffle of their own.

Demi kept repeating that Tracy is an “older woman” and must feel so “uncomfortable” being around younger twenty-somethings. It was condescending and just plain immature. Also by the way! Tracy is 31… not old in the slightest and certainly not eligible to be called a “cougar.”

Caelynn Vs. Hannah B.

After seeing Caelynn cozying up to Colton on the group date, Hannah B. felt like she needed to let Colton know who the “real” Caelynn is. So, when she got to chat with him privately, she took the opportunity to fill him in.

Basically, Hannah B. wanted him to know that Caelynn created “the most hostile environment” she’d ever been in when they were roommates at Miss USA. End result = they had a falling out. Needless to say, Colton was not happy hearing about this alleged type of behavior.

Colton said he needed some time to mull things over and that they’d talk later. Instead, he immediately pulled Caelynn aside to get her version of the story.

Caelynn said she and Hannah B. “handle competition very differently,” then she broke down into tears about some “traumatic experiences” in her life that she’s not ready to talk about yet. Colton ended up giving her the date rose. Uh oh, Hannah.

The One-on-One Date

For Elyse’s first one-on-one date with Colton, they took a helicopter to an amusement park in San Diego, where they were met by a number of kids they were spending they day with. But these weren’t just any kids; they were kids with disabilities like the ones Colton helps through his charity.

The spent the day riding rides, playing games, getting ice cream, and it was a peek into Colton’s charitable passions and skills at potential fatherhood.

Elyse was smitten and at dinner things took a more serious turn. She opened up about how she lost her sister to cancer after she gave birth. This loss inspired her family to start a charity — similar to Colton’s path in life. They definitely bonded over that and she left with the date rose in hand.

Early Dismissal

On the second group date of the episode, Tayshia, Nina, Catherine, Sydney, Onyeka, Cassie, Nicole, and Caitlin met him in the gym — and they were joined by a ripped Terry Crews and his wife, Rebecca.

Onyeka won the strongest women competition, even though Caitlin managed to pull a limo in a show of sheer strength. But, the night just wasn’t right for her.

While having a one-on-one conversation, Colton realized that they actually had nothing in common. He asked her to open up and she responded with, “I haven’t had anything, like, happen in my life that, like, is standing out for me right now that, like, I want to share with you.”

He wasn’t feeling it and told her straight up. Caitlin was in total shock when Colton asked if he could walk her out.

Pool Party Time

Since Colton already knew who he wanted to send home, he decided that instead of a cocktail party, he and the women would hang out at a pool party all day long.

Caelynn used this as an opportunity to take Colton aside and warn him about Hannah B.’s “deceitful, toxic, manipulative” personality and the conversation went just about as well as it did before.

Colton then went straight to Hannah B. and she told him that Caelynn is “fake” and hiding who she really is to make Colton fall for her. It basically just stressed Colton out a lot… so much so, Chris Harrison appeared to soothe the perplexed bachelor.

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The Rose Ceremony

After a tense Rose Ceremony, Hannah B. ended up staying which meant that it was the end of the road for Nina, Bri (accent girl), and Catherine (now she can reunite with her dog).

Next week, the group heads to Singapore and the pageant drama intensifies.

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