‘Single Parents’ Sneak Peek: Poppy Disses Miggy’s Catchy Music Video (VIDEO)

single parents exclusive january 9

ABC’s new family comedy Single Parents is returning from its holiday hiatus and ringing in the new year with a hilarious music video.

In an exclusive clip for TV Insider, Poppy (Kimrie Lewis), Miggy (Jake Choi) and Will (Taran Killam) congregate for a moment of truth-telling. The clip appears in the January 9 episode, “That Elusive Zazz,” which finds Will pursuing his dream career of being an onscreen weatherman.

Unfortunately, by the sounds of it, Poppy’s opinion on Will’s audition for the job is anything but stellar, as she proceeds to call it, “one of the worst thing’s I’ve ever seen.” How does she know this? She justifies her criticism when she tells Will she’s seen Miggy’s music video.

Unaware as usual, Miggy finds the fact that Poppy saw his music video exciting despite her lack of enthusiasm. Then the scene cuts to the music video in question for a song titled “Mystery Señorita.”

Including two Miggys, green screen and oddly placed question marks, the music video is truly a unique and hilarious addition to the comedy series. To see the hilarity in action, check out the segment below.

As for the rest of the show’s 2019 return, fans should also anticipate some well-mannered potty humor as Angie (Leighton Meester) will seek an apology from Douglas’ (Brad Garrett) twins after they write the word “farts” across her son Graham’s (Tyler Wladis) forehead.

Don’t miss any of it when Single Parents returns January 9 on ABC.

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