What Are Those Bracelets Stars Are Wearing on the Golden Globes Red Carpet?


Just because Time’s Up was front and center at the 2018 Golden Globes doesn’t mean that 2019 has forgotten about the movement.

During the red carpet arrivals for this year’s ceremony, many of the stars and correspondents were supporting the effort by sporting black and white Time’s Up X2 bracelets, pins, and ribbons emblazoned with the Time’s Up name.

E!’s Red Carpet programming highlighted the special accessories with co-hosts Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic wearing their own bracelets. Rancic described them, saying, “I am wearing the TIMESUPX2 bracelet, we’ll be seeing this this evening. I am very proud to be wearing this, we’ll be talking all about it tonight in terms of the past year and all the great things that have happened this past year with Time’s Up, as well as what we can look forward to in the coming year.”

She wasn’t alone — many other stars were seen sporting the embellishments including Idris Elba, who showed his support by wearing one of the black bands. The actor is attending the ceremony alongside his daughter Isan Elba, who is serving as this year’s Golden Globe Ambassador.

Sabrina Dhowr, Idris Elba, and Isan Elba

Then there’s Regina King‘s son Ian, who was seen wearing a Time’s Up pin alongside his mother who bonded with Seacrest over their matching wardrobes (Seacrest and Ian were wearing nearly identical suits).

The young man spoke a bit about the movement himself, saying “Time’s up. Just for women having equality and safety in the workplace, and all individuals. So, that’s really important to me, especially having a powerful woman…they rule the world. And to see them not be safe in the workplace is just terrible.”

The movement hasn’t slowed in the last year as many awards ceremonies have been a big platform for stars to show their support for social issues and it doesn’t appear that it will change anytime soon.