Women Take Positions of Power on Season 3 of EPIX’s ‘Berlin Station’ (VIDEO)

Berlin Station - Michelle Forbes
Michelle Forbes as Valerie Edwards in Berlin Station.

In the tough world of spies and international intrigue, Berlin Station, currently in its third season on EPIX, has gone where most projects in the genre don’t often go — making women as powerful and important to the action and decision-making as men.

This isn’t a new tactic for the drama, with Michelle Forbes front and center on the series since it premiered in 2016. As operative-turned-CIA-station-chief Valerie Edwards, Forbes easily holds her own arguing with the likes of Deputy Chief Robert Kirsch (Leland Orser) and executing plans with operative Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage).

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Season 2 saw the arrival of newbie agent April Lewis (Keke Palmer) and now-former station chief BB Yates (Ashley Judd) to up the show’s representation of strong women in the field.

Now that the show’s third season is off and running with new showrunner Jason Horwitch at the helm, cast members Palmer, Judd and guest star Katarina Cas talked in this exclusive video about how the show has built a world with women not only in the mix equally but also often calling the shots.

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