5 Theories for How Michael Is Still Alive on ‘Jane the Virgin’

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When Jane the Virgin returns for its fifth and final season on March 27, the series has a lot of questions to answer. Most importantly: How is Michael (Brett Dier) still alive?

Jane (Gina Rodriguez) — and fans of the show — believed her husband died from an aortic dissection resulting from Sin Rostro’s gunshot in Season 3, but apparently not! He showed up in the Season 4 finale right as Jane was finally ready to take her relationship with baby daddy Rafael (Justin Baldoni) to the next level.

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'Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez Hints at Michael-Rafael Drama and More in Final Season

The actress also gives some scoop on the show's CW spinoff, 'Jane the Novela.'

So, what made Michael fake his own death? The reason, which the audience will learn soon, will surely blow our minds. Until then, here are five theories for what might’ve actually gone down.

1. He went undercover

Michael was a homicide detective who had just taken his LSAT exam, so possibly there was a new development on a case he was working on and his identity and loved ones needed to be protected. Hence, the reason to fake his own death.

2. Sin Rostro (aka Rose) got to him

The criminal mastermind has been a thorn in everyone’s side since the beginning of the series. She was the one who told Raf that Michael was alive so maybe she was able to blackmail him and force him to disappear for a while.

3. It’s not Michael

Creator Jennie Snyder Urman has confirmed that this is not a secret identical twin scenario, but as fans know, Rose’s face-swapping abilities are flawless. So…

4. Something happened with Michael’s family

What if there was some sort of outrageous family emergency or scandal that forced Michael to disappear for three years?

5. He lost his memory and just regained it

I mean, this is a telenovela, right?

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