‘The Ranch’ Star Elisha Cuthbert Teases How a Baby Changes Colt and Abby’s Relationship

The Ranch - Elisha Cuthbert, Debra Winger, Ashton Kutcher
Greg Gayne / Netflix

Saddle up for another wild ride at The Ranch!

The adult comedy’s struggling Colorado cattleman Beau (Sam Elliott, A Star Is Born) takes in nephew Luke (cast addition Dax Shepard), a war veteran and new bantering partner for Colt (Ashton Kutcher), the goofy scion. (Parenthood’s Shepard replaces departing actor Danny Masterson, whose character, Rooster, fled town and is presumed dead.)

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These are the first set of episodes to air without the character.

As for Elisha Cuthbert and alter ego Abby — Colt’s bride — well, both have their hands full as new moms. Cuthbert gives us the dirt on the new batch of episodes.

TV Insider: Colt and Abby have had their ups and downs. How are the former high school sweethearts doing?

Elisha Cuthbert: They’re dealing with a lot — the difficulty of ranching, the idea of raising a child with little money — and that all causes some conflict. But they’re working through it.

They’ve got a daughter on the way. Will she grow up to be a cowgirl?

I think Abby would want her to follow in her footsteps and be a teacher. Colt probably has other ideas!

How well is Dax meshing with the cast?

His chemistry with Ashton is outstanding. Ashton helped get Dax’s foot in the door in the business by casting him on [MTV’s 2003–07 practical joke series] Punk’d. So you can see they’ve got a natural rapport with one another. And Dax comes in with a real flair. He loves to improv, and he comes up with really funny ideas.

Have they punk’d you or are they being good?

Ha! No, they aren’t punking anymore. They’re both really intellectual guys. On set, they have a lot of deep political conversations and business conversations.

You and your real-life husband, Canadian hockey star Dion Phaneuf, welcomed your own child, daughter Zaphire, last December. Which came first, your pregnancy or the new storyline?

I think my pregnancy was something that made the writers think, “This could be interesting.” We [initially] thought we could hide it, but at one point I remember saying, “It’s getting trickier to disguise the fact that I’m pregnant!” I was pretty much working up until I gave birth. We even shot a couple of scenes through FaceTime while I was on maternity leave!

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