‘Speechless’: Sarah Chalke’s Melanie Returns for a Thanksgiving Showdown With Maya (VIDEO)


It’s never a dull moment for the DiMeo’s of ABC’s hit comedy Speechless, and Thanksgiving will be no different as they find themselves in the hospital. When it comes to Maya (Minnie Driver), there’s always a silver lining, even if the family is spending the holiday in an unconventional setting.

In an exclusive clip for the upcoming November 16 episode, “C-E– CELEBRITY S-U– SUITE,” the family is faced with an unforeseen bump in the road when Maya’s nemesis Melanie (Sarah Chalke) shows up.

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Also the mother of a special-needs child, Melanie throws a wrench in Maya’s plan to secure the highly-sought-after Celebrity Suite. Initially, Maya thinks she’s saved the holiday when she confidently walks over to her waiting family.

“I’ve saved Thanksgiving,” she says. “I thought I knew every corner of this hospital, but I’ve just learned of this magical place where anything is possible — the Celebrity Suite,” she reveals.

In disbelief, her family is unsure if it could be true, but Maya claims she’s got the suite already before admitting she has to “tell the hospital.”

SPEECHLESS - "C-E-- CELEBRITY S-U-- SUITE" - When the DiMeos land in the hospital on Thanksgiving, Maya's determination to save the holiday leads to an uneasy truce with her rival, Melanie Hertzal (Sarah Chalke); and Jimmy gets jealous when Kenneth bonds with his brother, Billy (Rob Corddry). Meanwhile, wounds from an old breakup are re-opened, but Ray finds brand-new love in an unlikely place, on "Speechless," FRIDAY, NOV. 16 (8:30-9:00 p.m. EST), as part of the new TGIF programming block on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/John Fleenor) SARAH CHALKE

That’s when Chalke’s Melanie steps in along with her son Logan — they’re also hoping to secure the suite. Who will reign supreme? You’ll have to check out the clip below, and tune in to Speechless Friday on ABC.

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