‘A Million Little Things’ Sneak Peek: Rome Has a Health Scare (VIDEO)

ABC/Jack Rowand

Rome (Romany Malco) was seeing Maggie (Allison Miller) as his informal therapist for weeks. It’s not something he’s told anyone — not best friend (and Maggie’s friend with benefits) Gary (James Roday), nor even his wife, Regina (Christina Moses).

In this exclusive sneak peek from Wednesday’s all new episode of A Million Little Things titled “i dare you,” Rome calls Maggie in a panic because he’s experiencing severe stomach pain.

He’s worried his anti-depression medication (prescribed by his new therapist) might be causing it, but she says that’s highly unlikely. After he collapses on the bathroom floor, Maggie advises Regina to take Rome to the hospital.

The episode’s official log line says, “After discovering she might not know Rome like she thought she did, Regina is put in charge of making important decisions for him,” so it sounds like both Maggie and Rome will have to come clean about their “lunch appointments.”

Watch the clip below:

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