Happy Birthday, John Krasinski! A Look Back at Jim Halpert’s Best ‘Office’ Moments

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John Krasinski may be a movie star now, but in many of our hearts, there is a part of him that will always be Jim Halpert from The Office.

To celebrate Krasinski’s birthday on October 20, we’re going back in time to his 10 best moments on the iconic NBC series, from his most hilarious pranks on Dwight to his most aww-inducing scenes with Pam (Jenna Fischer).

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The Casino Night Confession

Episode: “Casino Night” (Season 2)

This isn’t just one of the best Jim moments, it’s one of the best moments of the entire first half of The Office. Jim had so much working against him — he’d lost all his money in poker, Pam was already engaged — but he finally confessed his feelings for her anyway. This wasn’t exactly the Jim and Pam “happily-ever-after” scene, but it was a moment of courage on Jim’s part that got the wheels turning.

Send in the Subs

Episode: “Company Picnic” (Season 5)

We don’t know which part was sweeter from this moment where Jim finds out he’s going to be a dad —when he found out in silence through the window or when he rushed into the hallway to call Dwight and let him know, with no explanation, that he would need to use his and Pam’s subs in the office soccer game. Either way, it’s almost impossible to watch this scene only once.

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Best Jim Face

Episode: “Moroccan Christmas” (Season 5)

As if Jim’s delivery of “I am a blackbelt in gift-wrapping” isn’t enough to start the Christmas episode off with a bang, what comes after is even better. Dwight fires back at Jim that “they don’t give out blackbelts for things that are stupid” and it’s arguably the best “Jim Face” of the series. Any disputes, hit us up.

Jim Impersonates Dwight

Episode: “Product Recall” (Season 3)

When John Krasinski’s portrayal of a Rainn Wilson character makes you notice things about the Rainn Wilson character that you never did before… that’s when you know the impersonation was spot-on. Honorable mention for the part that soon follows where Jim uses his wristwatch calculator to add 4 and 7 – the total number of dollars he spent on his Dwight Schrute ensemble.

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“Beer Me Strength”

Episode: “Product Recall” (Season 3)

Another reason “Product Recall” is a great episode to turn to if you’re looking for Jim to beer you laughs. It’s one of the most quotable lines of the show! Heading into a final for your least favorite class? Sending a risky text? Walking into a situation that you know can’t possibly end well? Lord, beer you strength.

“Where Was the Last Place You Saw Your Desk?”

Episode: “The Fight” (Season 2)
It’s all in the deadpan with Jim’s humor, and the line “You’re the one who lost your desk … where is the last place you saw it?” strikes comedy gold. And those unamused faces from the rest of the office as Jim suggests that Dwight retrace his steps… the best.

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Episode: “Threat Level Midnight” (Season 7)

As much as Jim may roll his eyes at Michael, he did take his part in his boss’ homemade movie, Threat Level Midnight — and he took it seriously. Don’t even get us started on the fact that he admitted later to having accepted the role of Goldenface to impress Pam.

The Toast

Episode: “Niagara” (Season 6)

It’s the two-episode celebration we’d all been waiting for, and at Jim and Pam’s rehearsal dinner in Niagara Falls, Jim makes an unforgettable toast to his soon-to-be wife:

Getting Even

Episode: “Niagara” (Season 6)

The vows were great and all, but the most heart-melting part of the Jim-Pam wedding happens just before, when Pam is upset about a rip in her veil. Jim, without missing a beat, pulls out some scissors and cuts off the end of his own tie.

There, now we’re even.


Episode: “A.A.R.M” (Season 9)

And for number 10, well…I’ll just leave you with this.

Happy Birthday, John Krasinski!