‘The Resident’ Season 2: Jenna Dewan Checks In

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Annette Brown/FOX

The doctors will see her now!

Jenna Dewan (World of Dance) checks in to Season 2 of the hospital drama, The Resident, on October 1 (8/7c, Fox) with a recurring role as medical device sales rep Julian Lynn.

She’ll get plenty of face time with the motley MDs at Chastain Park Memorial — including slippery CEO Randolph Bell (Bruce Greenwood) — as she proselytizes about prosthetic limbs.

But she’s not just a shill: “Julian’s a former dancer who got a bad injury, and a hip replacement saved her,” co-creator Amy Holden Jones explains.

“Now she’s passionate about helping others — she’s a believer.” Still, given all the corruption around these parts, Julian likely has more than mere altruism on her agenda. Says Jones, “You’ll like her right away, but will you know whether to trust her? Oh, no.”

The Resident, Season 2 Premiere, Monday, Sept. 24, 8/7c, Fox