First Look: Mark Hamill Goes Medieval in History Channel’s ‘Knightfall’ (PHOTO)

Mark Hamill First Look with Tom Cullen_cropped copy

Out with the lightsaber, in with the sword!

Star Wars icon Mark Hamill goes medieval to join the cast of History Channel drama Knightfall, returning for its sophomore season in Spring 2019.

The actor, best known as Luke Skywalker, plays Talus, an initiate master responsible for training new members of the Knights Templar, a devout Christian military order that protects travelers to the Holy Land. He’s tough, wise, hardened and deeply faithful after spending 10 years as a tortured POW captured during a Crusade — which explains those scars.

“He takes pride in the scars, because they made him who he is,” says new showrunner Aaron Helbing.

One of Talus’s students is Landry (Tom Cullen, pictured above with Hamill), once a master himself but forced to start over after breaking his vows big-time in Season 1. “The two of them face off against each other, and it’s pretty brutal,” Helbing teases. “The whole season is darker, grittier and more action-heavy.”

Still no Stormtroopers, though.

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