Why You Should Stream ‘Knightfall’ Season 2 on Netflix

Larry Horricks/History Channel

Everything old is new: Knightfall, a sweeping drama about the Knights Templar, a Catholic military order from the Middle Ages, got a major makeover for its second season, which recently aired on History and is now available on Netflix.

Among the changes: the addition of Star Wars‘ Mark Hamill (above) as Templar initiate trainer Talus and a focus on the fall of the Templars, who went to battle with King Philip IV of France (Ed Stoppard) in 1307.

“The feedback from fans was they wanted to see the fall,” according to Arturo Interian, History’s senior vice president of scripted programming. “We deliver. It’s the biggest power and money grab in history: the king taking on the world’s wealthiest military organization. It’s brutal and violent.”

Tom Cullen, who plays disgraced former temple master Landry, now under Talus’s tutelage as he retrains with newbie warriors, relished working with Hamill on the battlefield.

“The fact that Mark and I are swinging swords together is amazing. It’s hard not to make a lightsaber sound.” Which he was tempted to do frequently, due to all the amped-up action in this bloodier and more shocking installment. “In one episode,” Cullen continues, “I have more fighting than I did in all of Season 1.”

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