‘Wanderlust’s Toni Collette on Her Character’s Journey of Self Discovery


Therapist, heal thyself!

Psychologist Joy (Toni Collette) is still on the mend, physically and emotionally, after a near-fatal bicycle accident. And she has no intention of wasting her second chance: The wife and mom is expanding her horizons — and opening her marriage. Collette previews the drama:

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What’s inspiring Joy to shake up her status quo?

Toni Collette: The accident set in motion a lot of questions. She is really looking at how she wants to live. She’ll begin to understand herself more deeply, but her actions might have lasting consequences.

Like the decision she and her husband (Steven Mackintosh) make to sleep with other people?

It’s done out of a shared determination to save their marriage. I think it’s brave of them to look for ways of staying connected rather than not communicating.

Aside from lots of sex, what else will this odyssey entail?

Grief. Guilt. Lack of control. But I must stress how warm and funny the journey is. Wanderlust is about being open to the adventure of life. Which, in this case, definitely involves both wondering and wandering!

Wanderlust, Premieres, Friday, Oct. 19, Netflix