‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Episode 2: A Surprise Guest Arrives (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert
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[SPOILER ALERT: This recap features spoilers from Season 5, Episode 2 of Bachelor in Paradise.]

Now that our Bachelor Nation faves are back in the sun on Bachelor in Paradise, it finally feels like summer — and the show’s latest episode is just more proof that this is honestly the best spinoff series in the franchise.

The cast only just arrived in Mexico, and there’s already drama brewing between the contestants, especially with the initial “connections” already made.

Romance is definitely in the air… and after a surprise guest arrived, things definitely got shaken up a bit.

Here’s what you missed on Bachelor in Paradise:

Chris Brought The Drama, As Usual

Considering Chris’ behavior on The Bachelorette, we shouldn’t be surprised that the episode started with beef between him and Colton.

Obviously, he’s pissed that Colton moved in on Tia (and quickly for that matter), and keeps insinuating that he needs to move on because he hasn’t committed to her in the past.

Date No. 1: Jordan & Annaliese


Despite the fact that there was no date card between Jordan and Annaliese, the male model took the opportunity to set up a date on the beach — complete with champagne and dinner — so they could have a little romantic evening.

They both ended up surprised with how much they liked each other: Jordan was smitten because Annaliese is an artist and Annaliese because Jordan’s smarter than he looks. Who knew?!

They ended their date with a lot of smooching by the water (which was sweet) and considering the fact that Annaliese was just talking about how she wants to leave this season engaged, could she be seeing a future with Jordan? Guess we’ll find out when the rose ceremony rolls around.

Yuki Finally Arrived

That is all. YAY!

Date No. 2: Kenny & Krystal


Even though Kevin has been all about Krystal so far, Kenny slid in there and used his date card to take her out.

They went to a boxing match followed by some more intimate, one-on-one time, and they bonded over their past experiences on the show.

To be fair, Krystal was painted as a victim while Kenny is still pretty beloved, but still — editing tried to make him more controversial than he actually is.

It was actually really sweet to see them getting along like that… especially since it’s obviously been hard for Krystal since the show.

The Rose Ceremony

This week, it was the women’s turn to hand out the roses, but before that could happen, Colton & Tia got in an argument.

Basically, she wanted to find out where he stands in their relationship, and he couldn’t give her the answers she was looking for… doesn’t this story sound familiar??

“Nobody else wants to give you the rose,” she told Colton, in the most savage statement of the evening.

The conversation ended in major tears and pushed Tia to get even closer to Chris. And when it came time to give the roses out, Tia gave hers to Chris instead. OUCH.

Nick and Wills were sent home, although, and Colton is staying. Uh oh…

A Special Guest


Surprise! Newly engaged Becca Kufrin’s in paradise, and while the girls were thrilled to see her, Colton launched into a full fledged meltdown.

He started crying when he realized that he’s not actually over her like he thought he was, and it was so painful to watch.

So what happens next? We’ll have to wait for Tuesday night’s episode to find out.

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