‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Goes ‘Nuclear’ Trying to Stop Josh From Reading a Regrettable Text

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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It’s a real text-mergency for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Monday’s episode.

The hour will see Rebecca (played by Golden Globe winner Rachel Bloom) accidentally text her former camp boyfriend-turned-current-crush Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) about her feelings for him—before realizing she has to get rid of the text (somehow) in time before he reads it.

With Rebecca reacing against the clock to fix her mistake, we spoke to executive producer Aline Brosh McKenna about text-mergencies, what Josh is feeling and what’s going on between Darryl (Pete Gardner) and White Josh (David Hull).

How is Rebecca doing as we go into the episode?
This next episode is something where, up until this point, Rebecca’s relationship with Josh has really been improving, and she’s actually in a good spot. She is so excited and happy that she makes a slight miscalculation, gets carried away in her enthusiasm and sends a text message that is not for him to him. We just thought it was the most relatable plot we’d ever heard, because everyone has experienced that. The episode is about how she tries to unravel the damage she’s done, kind of put the genie back in the bottle.

I’m surprised this hasn’t happened to her before. What made this the right time to explore the situation on the show?
Because she’s at this point where things are kind of going pretty well, and she’s getting closer to him, and she’s sort of starting to go into this fantasy space in her head where this is all going to work out the way she didn’t even plan for it to work out. This is the time when she sort of hoists herself a bit on her own petard here. It was fun for us. It was a different kind of episode for us because it’s the most nuclear brief kick we’ve ever gotten, where our stories are not as repulsive. It was a fun opportunity for us to give her a real tight deadline in which she makes one of the schemes work on a strict timetable.

How is Josh feeling about Rebecca? Is he still thinking of the letter from camp?
Oh, for sure. He’s feeling as close to her as he has been probably since their childhood, and he doesn’t want to think anything about her that’s not amazing. So this is going to be a little bit of a peek into the insanity, which he hasn’t had so far. Rebecca’s smart and she knows that, and so she knows right away that this is a setback for them.

And I have to ask, is there something going on between Darryl and White Josh?
You see a budding friendship in Episode 9, and then you see an ambiguousness in Episode 10. We don’t return with them in [this episode], but in Episodes 12 , 13 and 14, we’re going to learn a lot more about their relationship.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.