Rosanna Arquette is Man-Hungry in New YouTube Comedy ‘Sideswiped’

Sideswiped - Rosanna Arquette, Rick Springfield
Youtube Premium

Who wouldn’t want to swipe right on Rosanna Arquette?

The actress (above, with guest star Rick Springfield) plays Mary, a recently widowed housewife who is jumping back into the dating game along with her adult daughter (series creator Carly Craig) on this new YouTube Premium comedy, Sideswiped.

Arquette gives us the lowdown on her man-hungry character.

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What attracted you to this show?

Rosanna Arquette: I read the script and I was like, “I wanna see where [the character] goes.” Dealing with being alone and embarking on this dating app adventure on her own and finding herself, as a woman who never worked — I thought it was interesting to explore that.

How did you help shape the character?

I wanted her to be a little stuck in the ’80s, when everybody was rock and roll and punk rock. She got married [young] and never really got to experience that, so it’s almost like going back to high school.

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Mary meets rocker Rick Springfield on a dating app. If you were single, would you get on something like that?

I’d be scared! Because you don’t know who these people are. Who knows? I don’t see that happening. I’m really in a happy relationship with my husband, Todd [Morgan, an investment banker she married in 2013], and we’re all good.

Are you enjoying playing such a bawdy character?

While we were making this, a lot was going on in the world. They’d just come out with the Harvey Weinstein [sexual abuse] story, so to throw myself into something that was just simple and comedic and fun was refreshing. Just a little break.

Mary is extremely forward when it comes to men, which embarrasses her daughter. Does her behavior shock you?

Sometimes I get like, “Really? I’m going to be jumping in bed right away with somebody?” I’m not a prude; it’s just never been my thing. But it seems to be the new way people are connecting. They connect to hook up. I’m really glad I’m not in that generation!

Sideswiped, available now, YouTube