‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Cast on the Aftermath of Madison’s Death & What’s Next for Alicia (VIDEO)


Fear the Walking Dead is returning for the second half of its fourth season in a few weeks and the next batch of episodes promises to test the characters in even harder ways.

“We’re dealing with the aftermath of Madison Clarke [Kim Dickens] dying and also with Nick Clarke as well, so that’s leading our characters into a new place,” Colman Domingo, who plays Victor Strand, told our own Emily Aslanian at our suite at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. “There’s a disaster happening as well and we’re going to be split off at times.”

Yes, a real storm is a brewing and nothing will be calm after it, teases Danay Garcia.

One character that fans are most worried about is Alicia Clarke (Alycia Debnam-Carey) because now her whole family is dead. “We’ve seen the most incredible transformation from Alicia Clarke,” she explained.

Check out the brand new Season 4B trailer, released at Comic-Con:

“What we’re going to see finally is just her on her own. It’s a interesting narrative point to be able to explore Alicia by herself,” she added.

Fear the Walking Dead, Season 4B Premiere, Sunday, August 12, 9/8c, AMC