First Look: Maya Rudolph Analyzes Her Way to ‘The Grinder’ (PHOTO)

The Grinder
Ray Mickshaw/FOX
Fred Savage, Maya Rudolph, Rob Lowe

What’s up, doc?

Maya Rudolph begins a four-episode arc on Fox’s The Grinder February 9 as Jillian, a therapist Stewart (Fred Savage, far left) has been seeing since his brother, Dean (Rob Lowe), returned home to Idaho. Now Stewart refers Dean to Jillian in an attempt to tone down his dramatics.

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“While Dean is nervous to go into therapy, he sparks quickly to Jillian’s life advice, which he then passes along to the rest of the family,” said executive producers Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel. “Stewart’s plan to ground Dean quickly backfires as she inadvertently turns everyone against Stewart.”

The Grinder, Tuesday, Feb. 9, 9:30/8:30c, Fox