‘Genius Junior’: The Kids & Neil Take on a Mind-Boggling Memory Challenge (VIDEO)

Genius Junior - Season 1
Evans Vestal Ward/NBC
Neil Patrick Harris, Team The Brainy Bunch

It would be impossible to determine who is the smartest out of the group of brilliant kids competing on Genius Junior, but judging by the title of this week’s all-new episode—”Who’s the Smartest?”—that’s exactly what host Neil Patrick Harris and the show will attempt to do.

One of the challenges the contestants will take on is “Memory Master,” where teams are asked to memorize a deck of randomized cards. They then have to give it back to Neil in order. Yes, really!

We have an exclusive sneak peek of the amazing, mind-boggling moment down below.

Also in this week’s episode, The Brainy Bunch faces off with The Superlatives, and for the first time on the show, siblings will compete against one another—twins Tyler and Ethan. Then, it’s time for the “Human GPS” round, in which contestants memorize NYC subway routes, followed by “Number Cruncher,” “Talking Dictionary,” the aforementioned “Memory Master,” and finally, “The Cortex.”

Watch a preview of the “Memory Master” below and tune in tonight for all of the brainy fun!

Genius Junior, Sundays, 9/8c, NBC