Best Episodes Countdown #4: ‘The Sopranos’ — “Pine Barrens”

Barry Wetcher/HBO
THE SOPRANOS 2001: Michael Imperioli, Tony Sirico.

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Season 3, Episode 11

Death. Sex. Ziti. Existential woe. The Sopranos had it all. And it was *$#%! funny.We still howl watching capo Paulie (Tony Sirico) and underling Christopher (Michael Imperioli) spend a cold, fruitless night in the Jersey woods hunting a Russian rival who just won’t die.

They’ve got snow-soaked loafers and nary a clue, yet their comical travails still manage to deftly ask one of the drama’s key philosophical questions: Is being a “made” man worth the trade-off—or is success simply chasing something you can never catch?

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