Cameron Cuffe on Playing Seg-El in Syfy’s Super New Drama ‘Krypton’ (VIDEO)


The planet that gave us the Man of Steel gets its own time in the spotlight starting tonight when Syfy unveils its ambitious new epic, Krypton.

Set two generations before the birth of Kal-El, the series explores the lesser-known history of the House of El, its fall from grace, and what looks to be the rise of its first hero, Supes’ grandfather, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe). It’s also lavishly-produced and filled with Easter eggs for comic fans… including the show’s lead himself.

“Superman has always been a part of my life,” confessed Cuffe as we sat down with him to talk about creating “the ultimate Krypton” from various aspects of the caped one’s mythos.

And he’s not just talking the movies, either. Turns out the actor is a fanboy from way back who can cite arcs from the DC Comics archives, artists, and animated versions as quickly as Superman can outrun a speeding bullet. “The fact that I am a part of this is crazy,” he added.

And really, isn’t that the sort of excitement and emotional investment we want from someone who gets to strap on the “S’? Even Kal-El would be proud to call this guy gramps.

Krypton, Premieres Wednesday, March 21, 10/9c, Syfy