Toyman Comes to ‘Supergirl’! Jeremy Jordan on Winn’s Reunion With His Father the Felon

Supergirl - Jeremy Jordan and Henry Czerny

Make room for daddy! Winn’s convict father (Revenge‘s Henry Czerny) is busting out all over on Supergirl and it’s gonna be far from a happy reunion. “For Winn, it’s a bit more of an emotional rollercoaster,” previews Jeremy Jordan of Monday night’s episode, which reveals that Papa Schott is actually the DC Comics baddie Toyman.

As viewers will recall, Winn told Kara (Melissa Benoist) that his dad was behind bars during the Thanksgiving episode, but he never mentioned why. And with good cause. While not the classic supervillain of the comics or the madman of rough play previously seen on Smallville, Jordan says that this Toyman is a “not-sane person.” He went on a murderous rampage after being betrayed by the toy-company boss who stole his ahead-of-their-time designs. “And being imprisoned,” jokes Jordan, “I am sure he’s gotten a little more crazy.”

What his long-MIA father’s return means for the younger Schott “is nothing good,” continues Jordan, adding that his character’s immediate reaction is to shut down and keep the secret from his superposse. “But he finds out pretty soon that his dad is not going to allow that to happen and he seeks him out immediately. Luckily, Winn’s best friend is Supergirl, so he doesn’t have to deal with it completely alone.”


The one good thing that could come out of such a Schott-y situation (sorry) is that this perilous matter just might bring Winn and Kara closer, especially now that James (Mechad Brooks) has basically given him the OK to pursue his office crush. “I don’t think she fully understands how he feels about her,” explains Jordan. “But she becomes his confidante in this whole situation and because of that, their relationship is almost forced to prematurely take another step…when these extreme circumstances happen, things we’ve been keeping below the circumstances tend to bubble up.”

Bubble up or get downright steamy? “I can’t tell you that!” laughs the actor. “We definitely see a development in their potentially romantic, more-than-friends relationship.”

Supergirl, Monday, Jan. 18, 8/7c, CBS