‘The Bachelor’ Episode 7: The Final Four (RECAP)

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[SPOILER ALERT: This recap features spoilers from the Season 22 sixth episode of The Bachelor.]

It’s getting close to the end, as this week’s episode of The Bachelor determines which women will earn the coveted hometown date spots next week.

And while there’s a clear top four among fans, Arie seems to have other ideas as to who he sees a future with.

Chris Harrison drops the bomb early in the episode that there will be no rose ceremony this week and we’re just as stressed as Bekah M. “I really do feel like it’s anyone’s game this week. Just numbers-wise; it’s almost half of us going home,” she says.

Here’s what happened this week:

Barga with Becca K.

Becca K. and Arie head off on a trip to the town of Barga, Italy for a fairly normal date as far as international trips with your boyfriend and his other girlfriends go. As they walk through the small town, sample local food, and set up for a picnic Becca K. says to Arie, “I wouldn’t stick around and put myself or you through it if I wasn’t sure that I could see something at the end.”

Arie’s feeling the chemistry and tells the cameras behind-the-scenes Becca K. is “someone that I really envision falling in love with.” With that being said, Becca K. takes home a rose and gets to invite Arie to Minneapolis to meet her family.

Jacqueline Breaks Down

This happens every season. Someone realizes that things are progressing faster than they’re ready for and the dramatic hotel room knock is featured.

This season, Jacqueline heads to Arie’s hotel room to express her “swirling doubts” about the progress of their relationship. In tears, she tells Arie, “I just know that there are women here that are completely confident and I don’t know how to stay when that’s the case.”

Arie has a tough time letting her go as he tells her,”If you have any regret come back to me,” even with the short time left in the season. Foreshadowing?!

Let’s Break Down Our Walls

“Wow, I was not expecting that at all,” says Lauren B. as she hears her name on the date card and we weren’t either since she still seems to have a hard time opening up to Arie. Could this mean she’s going home?

On their date, Aries attempts at normal conversation are met with with less than helpful responses from Lauren as he tries to get to know her.

“Going into tonight I feel very conflicted about Lauren,” says Arie. But his emotional turmoil is short-lived when Lauren says she’s falling in love with him. He takes a moment to walk away and think (I guess) but ends up coming back to give her a rose.

The Hunt For Truffles and Love

“I do dig Seinne but can I dig deep enough?” aks Arie. The pair goes hunting for truffles and is then invited into a local’s home. The Italians asks them some pretty tough questions about love and Seinne laughs nervously.

The topic carries over into their one-on-one time where Seinne is having trouble expressing herself clearly. “I feel like we should be further along in this,” Aries explains as he chooses not to give Seinne his rose. She’s too good for him anyway. Where’s Peter Kraus at?

A Fan Favorite Group Date

There are only two roses on the table between Bekah M., Tia, and Kendall–all Bachelor Nation frontrunners most envisioned in the final three.

Tia expresses concern to Arie about Bekah M. She tells him, “She may be on a different page than the rest of us.” You can be better girl!

And when Tia lets Bekah M. know about the talk with Arie, she breaks down and sobs behind-the-scenes. “I don’t like when I’m not seen for who I really am. It hurts me,” she cries.

The drama between Bekah M. and Tia only intensifies as Arie gives the group rose to Kendall, now creating a two-on-one date dynamic.

“Have a little faith in me. Have a little faith in my 22-year-old self,” says Bekah M. in her alone time with Arie. But ultimately Arie didn’t have enough as he gives the final rose to Tia which means youngster Bekah M. has to head home alone.


Hometown visits are next week and the preview looks intense. It truly is a guessing game when it comes to Arie’s favorite.

Lauren B. continues to surprise us all…but I wouldn’t count her out just yet.

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