WATCH: Excited Contestant Knocks Over Drew Carey & 4 More of the Funniest ‘Price Is Right’ Moments

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Contestant Sona sends host Drew Carey reeling on The Price Is Right

Over the decades, The Price Is Right has seen its fair share of enthusiastic contestants, but this week, one of them certainly made her mark.

In the Jan. 24 episode of the long-running CBS game show, a contestant named Sona was called up to the stage after her bid was closest to an item’s actual price. As she made her way, Sona’s excitement was more than apparent, but neither she nor host Drew Carey could have anticipated the results of that excitement.

When Sona reached up to hug Carey upon her arrival, the gesture threw both her and the host off balance causing Carey to tumble to the ground, nearly rolling off the stage. Before anyone could get too worried, audience members steadied the comedic emcee, and he regained his standing position in no time. Check out the hilarious incident below.

But this isn’t the first time the show has encountered some unexpected (and hilarious) surprises in its nearly 50-year history. Scroll down to see four more of funniest Price Is Right moments.

When Nature Called

One time, a contestant was nowhere to be found when original host Bob Barker said, “come on down.” As seen in the video here, Patricia Bernard happened to be in the restroom the moment her name was called, but she did make it “on down” eventually.

George Falls Down on the Job

Drew Carey isn’t the only crew member to take a tumble on the show. Announcer George Gray had his own fall while demonstrating a treadmill, but continued to read his cue card, as professionals do.

Not a Model Driver

What would The Price Is Right be without some type of prize mishap? In one episode, a model who was meant to present a winner with a car got distracted and accidentally crashed into the set wall (only the second time in over 30 years it had happened to that point, according to Barker). No one was harmed, but the situation was memorably funny.

Kitchen Chaos

If this next clip were from an episode of Saturday Night Live, we wouldn’t have been surprised, but it is in fact from an old Price Is Right episode. During the presentation of a kitchen appliance prize, the doors of a refrigerator and freezer didn’t want to cooperate with the model. Obvious hilarity ensues.

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