‘Suits’ Returns to Sustain the Shocking Aftermath of Mike’s Arrest

Suits - Season 5

Now that Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) has been nabbed by the Feds for being a fraud, our favorite fake lawyer could be going from suits to orange jumpsuits. “We felt it was time,” explains executive producer Aaron Korsh of the midseason finale’s jaw-dropper, which saw Pearson Specter Litt’s resident phony being led away in handcuffs. “It’s been building this whole time,” continues Korsh, adding that the plan to put Mike’s secret on blast was hatched at the beginning of last year. “The man was destined to be caught.”

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The second half of Season 5 will focus on the fallout—the effect his arrest has on fiancée Rachel (Meghan Markle) and just how mentor Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and the company plan to get the guy off while also dodging the manipulations of ruthless government prosecutor Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope). “They are going to fight [the charges] and Gibbs is gonna come after Mike in various ways,” Korsh says. “There will be ramifications for all six main characters because they were all in on the secret.”

Of course, one of them is far more complicit in the deception than the rest, and in the midseason premiere episode, it becomes clear who Gibbs’s gripe is really with. “Anita doesn’t want Mike. She wants Harvey,” Korsh reveals. “Her tactics will be to go after various people to get them to turn on him, and that will put pressure on everyone.” Especially whichever person it was who snitched on Mike in the first place.

Suits, Midseason premiere, Wednesday, Jan. 27, 10/9c, USA

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