The Top 8 'SNL' Thanksgiving Sketches, Ranked

SNL's 2015 "Thanksgiving Miracle" video remains a hilarious classic

There are a few things you can count on every year during Thanksgiving, one of which is to be enveloped in laughter over Saturday Night Live's holiday themed sketches. From Adam Sandler's quirky songs to Kristen Wiig's memorable characters there is no time like turkey time to get the SNL cast into the holiday spirit.

During the show's 43-season run, there have been so many great Thanksgiving sketches, so we've selected some of the best and ranked them based on their laugh-factor, check it out.

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8. Julia Louis-Dreyfus has 'A Dysfunctional Thanksgiving'

In this sketch, a pre-Seinfeld/Veep Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Katie, a character who joins her mother and father for her first Thanksgiving home from college. As the title suggests, the family's discord is at an all time high, especially when Katie announces she doesn't eat meat anymore. While Katie's mother, played by Mary Gross is all too ready to keep the peace, her father (Jim Belushi) isn't about to make any compromises.

7. Kristen Wiig's 'Penelope' feeds the less fortunate

Penelope is hands down one of the most iconic SNL characters of all time, so what would Thanksgiving be without her one-upping? During this particular sketch it is Anne Hathaway's character Mary, who falls victim to Penelope's unbelievable musings while volunteering to feed the homeless for the holiday. Some of Penelope's highlights include having a chocolate chip cookie for a father, and the ability to shrink so that she can float in soup. Just like always, Penelope proves that even the craziest facts about her have a ring of truth to them.

6. Josh Hutcherson brings a 'Thanksgiving Guest' home

The star of Hulu's Future Man comes home to his family and brings his girlfriend along, it just so happens that she's also the same species as the main entrée. Sure, it is a far fetched idea, but watching Vanessa Bayer play a turkey who is contemplating cannibalism is worth more than a few laughs.

5. 'Thanksgiving Dinner' brings out the child in Bill Murray

In this sketch from 1979, Golden Girl Bea Arthur exiles her son, nieces and nephew (Paul Shaffer, Laraine Newman, Jane Curtin and Bill Murray) to the children's table in the basement. Murray's character notes that he had been promised exemption from the table when he reached the age of 15, then again at the age of 21, yet at 26 he still has a spot at the anything but coveted reject table. When his sisters and cousin begin to object to his negativity, a spat of most childish proportions ensues, leaving viewers to question if the place you sit has any impact on your behavior.

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4. A very 'Debbie Downer' Thanksgiving

Much like Wiig's Penelope, Rachel Dratch's Debbie Downer will forever be remembered as the character who embodies the traits of a friend or family member that everyone knows. As in every Debbie Downer sketch, Dratch repels the people around her like a superpower, if that power included depressing facts like the danger cat AIDS poses to domestic felines. If anything Debbie proves that no matter how depressing your real-life version can be, they will never be as bad as Dratch's.

3. Jason Segel introduces his girlfriend to a 'Kissing Family'

When Jacob, played by the How I Met Your Mother alum, brings his girlfriend home for the holiday, she soon discovers that the Vogelchecks have a potential deal-breaker quirk. Things start off weird when she notices that Jacob and his parents are extremely affectionate, but red flags only continue to raise as the sketch progresses. The kissing doesn't end with mom and dad though, things only get weirder when Segel engages in some smooching with his brothers (including Paul Rudd who makes a cameo) and a homeless man. The shocking nature of this sketch only elevates the laugh-factor.

2. Adam Sandler shares his 'Thanksgiving' Song

Okay, so this isn't the "Chanukah Song," but Adam Sandler knows how to get into the holiday spirit with this Weekend Update sketch alongside Kevin Nealon. Much like Sandler's songs, this Thanksgiving version includes a catchy chorus intermingled with random rhyming verses. If this song doesn't put you in the mood for turkey then there isn't much else that will.

1. Adele gives everyone 'A Thanksgiving Miracle'

Originally airing in 2015, this sketch is pure comic gold, featuring a family of differing views who only find common ground the minute Adele's "Hello" starts playing. This can definitely be considered one of the most relatable Thanksgiving sketches in SNL history, because regardless of opposing views almost everyone can agree that Adele's music is amazing. The real highlight of this sketch though is when everyone starts turning into the "Hello" music video version of the British songstress, including excessive wind, furry coats, and manicured nails.

What are your favorite Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving sketches? Let us know in the comments below!

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