8 Hilarious John Mulaney Moments From ‘Saturday Night Live’ (VIDEO)

Saturday Night Live John Mulaney

In recent years, only a few Saturday Night Live hosts have really stuck out in the crowd — one of them is John Mulaney.

The comedian — who has worked as a writer, producer, and acted on the NBC sketch series — returns for his fifth round as host on Saturday, February 26 with musical guest LCD Soundsystem. In anticipation of his return, we’re celebrating by taking a look back at some of Mulaney’s funniest moments on the show.

Ranging from musical-inspired segments to faux game shows, Mulaney has shown a range of talent throughout the years on the fan-favorite program. Below, we’re rounding up some of Mulaney’s funniest sketches and segments. Have a laugh by checking them out and don’t miss the comedian’s return to SNL this weekend.

Diner Lobster

This silly segment sees Mulaney play a diner waiter who is shocked to learn a patron wants lobster for his meal. Things take a surreal turn when the lobster in question launches into a Les Miserables-inspired musical number that Mulaney and more jump in on.

What’s That Name

Bill Hader joins in with this game show sketch in which contestants are put in an awkward position when they don’t know the names of common acquaintances. Ranging from significant others of close friends to people from his wedding party, Mulaney’s character can’t seem to come up with the right names.

Stand-Up Monologue

Mulaney shines in his natural habitat as he takes a stand-up approach to his monologue segment in which he discusses an array of topics. The segment puts a strong focus on New York City-related themes including transportation, odd celebrity encounters and more.

Weekend Update: Pete Davidson & John Mulaney Review The Mule

Appearing with friend Pete Davidson in this Weekend Update segment, Mulaney guested in this episode hosted by Rachel Brosnahan. Together, they break down the Clint Eastwood film The Mule in which the actor’s character becomes a drug mule at age 90.

Cha Cha Slide

Mulaney attends a reception with his girlfriend and is nervous about embarrassing himself in front of her family, but it turns out he’s more prepared and fits in better than anyone.

National School Walkout

In an act of social justice, John Mulaney plays a student who helps organize a class walkout in protest of gun violence. When his co-organizer gets a little too touchy-feely things come to a hilarious halt.

Drag Brunch

Playing a drag queen serving as a waitress at brunch, Mulaney gets real with the patrons, but it’s a little too much for one of them to handle.

Airport Sushi

Another musical-inspired sequence, this sketch sees Mulaney serving as a La Guardia Airport employee who advises a patron to steer clear of the sushi or suffer some serious consequences. What follows is a melange of reimagined Broadway tunes from hits like West Side Story, Annie, and Wicked. Plus, a few surprise guests raise this stellar sketch to another level.

This only scratches the surface when it comes to Mulaney’s Saturday Night Live appearances so don’t miss him host once again when he returns this Saturday.

Saturday Night Live, Saturday, February 26, 11:30/10:30c, NBC