Jennifer Lopez on Being a ‘Ferocious Protector’ in ‘Shades of Blue’ (VIDEO)

In Shades of Blue, J.Lo goes back to her New York roots to portray Detective Harlee Santos, who’s caught up in the corruption that plagues her Brooklyn precinct and whose loyalty is tested when she’s asked to spy on her own squad.

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When asked how similar she was to her character, the actress shared Santos is “strong by nature and gets strength from being a mother…I get strength from being a mother.” Despite the constant lying on the show and trying to juggle different sides, Lopez identifies with the detective’s humanity, with how—like most parents on- and off-screen—she’s “a ferocious protector.”

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Watch the video above to hear more about the show and character, and learn why the actress says 2016 will be a “J.Lo year.”

Shades of Blue, Series premiere, Thursday, Jan. 7, 10/9c, NBC

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