‘Orange Is the New Black’ Celebrates Christmas with ‘Twas a Night in Litchfield’

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Orange Is the New Black celebrates Christmas with ‘Twas a Night in Litchfield

The stars of the Netflix drama have released their twist on ’Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Steve Harvey could return to host Miss Universe for a few more years

According to Entertainment Tonight, Harvey signed a multi-year contract with the Miss Universe pageant days before Sunday night’s flub that “is for at least three years, possibly even as many as six or seven.”

Ben Carson reacts to Jay Pharoah’s SNL’s impression of him

“If we can’t laugh at ourselves, we’re in really serious shape,” says the Republican presidential candidate. “I have no problem with that at all.”

President Obama has been so ubiquitous on TV that the novelty has worn off

That’s why, says Michael Starr, few watched the president’s appearance last week on Bear Grylls’ Running Wild. And it’s the same reason why the announcement Obama would appear with Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee “generated a collective yawn,” says Starr. On the other hand, Starr says Donald Trump on either show would generate huge interest. PLUS: Nearly as many British viewers watched Obama and Grylls as American viewers — 3.3 million vs. 3.5 million.

Full-frontal male nudity made inroads on TV in 2015

From Outlander to The Leftovers to Togetherness and The Affair, more shows than ever showed male genitalia this year than ever before.

Larry Wilmore’s Nightly Show is blurring the lines between humor, sadness and outrage

As Jon Caramanica notes, “when The Nightly Show replaced The Colbert Report in January, it almost completely rejected Stephen Colbert’s model of extreme satirical immersion. Mr. Wilmore is less preoccupied with humor than anyone else who’s ever occupied a mock-news chair. Instead, he delivers earnest exhaustion, frustration and good-old finger-wagging. It’s a repudiation not just of our trying times, but also of responding to trying times with a wink.”

Transparent is at its best when creating interruptions

“Talking over one another, like laughing, seems like the most natural thing in the real world, but is intimidatingly difficult to reproduce on film,” says Maggie Lange. “Which makes Transparent’s interruptions impressive, technically. You don’t feel lost. You don’t have to put on closed captions or rewind ten seconds to figure out what each person is saying.”

Fox’s Bordertown is very timely, thanks to Donald Trump

The animated series set at the U.S.-Mexico border, premiering Jan. 3, has been in the works for years. But it parallels the Trump campaign, especially with an episode where a massive wall is erected at the border.

Fargo honors its dead from Season 2

Check out a lengthy “In Memoriam” segment.

Atlanta Hawks to host a ‘90s-themed Nickelodeon Night

On Jan. 9, the NBA franchise will celebrate such shows as Hey Arnold!, Rugrats and Double Dare.

A Florida Roadkill drama is in the works

Tim Dorsey’s book series on the charismatic criminal Serge Storms is being developed for the small screen.

Watch the new A&E teaser trailer of Damien

The series sequel to The Omen movie debuts next year, with the little boy all-grown up and read to be the anti-Christ.