Ash Must Face His Worst Fears—and His “Twin” on ‘Evil Dead’ (VIDEO)

Ash vs. Evil Dead - double trouble

The end is near for the first season of Starz’s top-notch continuation of the Evil Dead films, and you can tell things are going to hell fast for humanity by the amount of Ashes on screen.

“We’re going to do everything we can to make people go ‘Holy sh-t!’ over and over again,” promises Bruce Campbell, noting that one of the impending twists includes his possessed severed hand deciding to grow itself into the demon hunter’s doppelgänger. “Just when we thought it wouldn’t plague him again, well hello buddy! It’s a fun escalation of horror.”

And that’s just the beginning of the bloody mayhem! In this exclusive clip from Saturday’s episode, Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) are confronted with double the trouble, and they must figure out which one is the real deal. Of course, it’s not always easy to tell a demon from a dimwitted bigot, and considering that the whole thing is going down in the last place Ash ever expected only makes matters more monstrous.

“[This is] Ash’s worst fears come true,” continues Campbell of the return to the old cabin in the woods where all of his supernatural problems began. “He has to go [to the] place he never thought he’d have to go again in his entire life and rectify some sh-t…the worst sh-t you can imagine.”

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Ash vs. Evil Dead, Saturday, Dec. 26, 9/8c, Starz