First Look: ‘Scorpion’ Scales New Heights to Save Christmas (PHOTO)

Robert Patrick scaling a dam in Scorpion
Robert Voets/CBS
Robert Patrick

The crisis-solving geniuses see their skills reaching new heights on the December 14 episode of the CBS hit.

When torrential El Niño rains cause a dam to fail on Christmas Eve, threatening to flood a town in the valley below, Special Agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick) traverses the dam’s face to seal a widening crack.

“Robert was so fired up, he actually sang the ‘Marines’ Hymn’ on the way down,” says executive producer Nicholas Wootton. “After he got back up top, he said, ‘That might have been the gnarliest stunt I’ve ever done.’ Coming from the T-1000, that’s saying something.”

Scorpion, Monday, Dec. 14, 9/8c, CBS