Who’s Gonna Die on the Next Episode of ‘Blindspot’? We Figure Out the Odds

BLINDSPOT, Sullivan Stapleton, Trieste Kelly Dunn, aimie Alexander
Giovanni Rufino/NBC
BLINDSPOT -- "Authentic Flirt" Episode 109 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller, Trieste Kelly Dunn as Allison, Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Marianne Jean-Baptise as Bethany Mayfair -- (Photo by: Giovanni Rufino/NBC)

Monday night’s Blindspot ended with a bang—and we’re not talking about Mayfair’s rendezvous with Sophia.

No, the most shocking moment of the night came once the episode had already ended, when the preview for the next episode (airing November 16) revealed ominously: “SOMEONE” —dramatic pause—“WON’T”—even more dramatic pause—“SURVIVE.”

Gasp! Who’s it going to be? Let’s figure out the odds of who won’t make it.

Jane Doe

Networks are thirsty for attention in a fall market that’s seen few certifiable hits. So what better way to make some noise than killing off the main character of your biggest success? LOL, no. Blindspot is an undeniable force in the ratings, so much so that it just earned a second season renewal. They aren’t going to mess that up.
Odds of Dying: As likely as the next tattoo leading Jane to a matinee performance of a Broadway show

Kurt Weller

Though Jane Doe is front and center in all of Blindspot’s marketing, fans of the show have come to realize it’s really just as much about Kurt as it is about Jane. Plus, he hasn’t even begun a romance with Jane yet, let alone worked things out with his dad. This guy ain’t done.
Odds of Dying: As likely as Kurt telling a hilarious joke

Tasha Zapata

Zapata’s had a nice little arc, culminating this week with Carter basically telling her he owns her butt. This could go either way: a) she’s in for a long, interesting storyline in which she acts as a double agent, or b) she freaks out and kills herself.
Odds of Dying: As likely as her taking up gambling again


No! She’s the comic relief. We’re not even going to entertain the notion.
Odds of Dying: As likely as her decoding tattoos at a pace that comfortably allows agents to stop crimes one week at a time

Edgar Reade

Now we’re getting somewhere. Look closely at the preview and you’ll notice a scene that looks an awful lot like Weller, Patterson and Zapata running into a hospital. Who would they all be freaking out about? Given that there ain’t no way Jane’s croaking, the remaining member of their little field team seems like a distinct possibility. (Unless, of course, this is a sneaky fake-out.)
Odds of Dying: More likely than Reade being the hero at any given shoot-out

Bethany Mayfair

Mayfair’s received the bulk of the character development in recent weeks, and as such, she’s become one of the most relatable people on the show. The writers would be cray to nip that in the bud. Plus, something tells us Mayfair’s got a few more secrets.
Odds of Dying: As likely as her seducing Jane into a super-hot alpha female interoffice love affair

Patterson’s boyfriend, David

He hasn’t played a huge role on the show just yet, but we do know he’s already made at least one person very angry: Mayfair. Could the adorable nerd stick his nose too far into places he shouldn’t be? Possibly – especially given how freaked out Patterson especially looks in that preview.
Odds of Dying: More likely than him getting contact lenses


Showrunner Martin Gero has said that Carter is the season’s “big bad.” Sure, he’s done some bad things so far, but probably not enough to earn that title, so we’re expecting more out of him.
Odds of Dying: Less likely than him showing up at a crime scene with a box of homemade donuts to share with our FBI friends

Some random person we have no emotional connection to…?

Not to be cynical, but…
Odds of Dying: As likely as the next tattoo leading to a crime


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