‘The Walking Dead’s Ross Marquand Reveals Why Aaron Will Always Have Rick’s Back (VIDEO)


The Walking Dead’s Aaron is known as the resident good guy who has everyone’s best interests at heart. And Ross Marquand, who plays the character, agrees. “The one skill set that Aaron has more so then any other the person on the show, aside from Daryl, is that he’s keenly aware of a person’s goodness or badness,” he revealed.

It’s this special talent that keeps him aligned with Rick (Andrew Lincoln), who he believes is a good person, even if the leader’s methodology is questionable.  Having spent the longest time with Rick, “Aaron’s very much on board with Rick’s plan” to protect the people of Alexandria and “maintain a healthy community.” To help him do is also Daryl (Norman Reedus), who Aaron shares a strong bond with because of their outsider status, and they make it their mission to find good people.

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As for actors who he hangs out with on set, Marquand and his fellow castmates Michael Cudlitz (Abraham Ford) and Seth Gilliam (Gabriel Stokes), pass the time by impersonating other actors. Cudlitz does “a spot-on Sylvester Stallone” while Seth Gilliam “does an amazing Robert De Niro” shared Marquand.

Marquand himself does killer Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt impressions. Doing his best Pitt, Marquand said: “Obviously, I worked with zombies before on World War Z. But, those were more like running zombies…they were not walking dead, they were sprinting dead. Yeah?”

Watch the video above to hear Marquand talk more about The Walking Dead and hear his awesome Pacino and Spacey lines.

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