‘Limitless’ Promises the Return of Bradley Cooper Very Soon

Bradley Cooper, Jamie McDornan - Limitless
Michael Parmelee/CBS

Fans of That Show Based on the Movie Where Bradley Cooper Takes Pills That Make Him Smart gathered at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom on Friday afternoon to get the scoop on CBS’s Limitless, straight from the very attractive cast/creators’ mouths. Here are the highlights from the New York Comic Con panel.

Creator Craig Sweeny studied some neuroscience in college. However, that doesn’t mean a) you should ask him to do brain surgery, or b) that NZT is based on science that would really work. So if anyone tries to sell you some, don’t buy it.

More Bradley Cooper is on the way. Sweeny can’t guarantee how much more, exactly, but the American Sniper star’s character, Senator Eddie Mora, does come back for the sixth episode, airing October 27 (10/9c). “Eddie Mora has an ultimate agenda for what he wants to do,” Sweeny warned.

There are rules for how to act while on NZT. The drug affects everyone differently, but there are certain behaviors common to all, according to star Jake McDorman: better posture, better eye contact and more purposeful movements. And when the drug wears off, the user still retains the experiences and information gleaned from being on NZT. They just have greater difficulty accessing them.

Brian and Rebecca won’t be shacking up. They’re more siblings than sleepover buddies. Sweeny came from Elementary, which, he said, proved a man and woman could have a meaningful friendship without any romantic entanglements. “So I don’t see [Brian and Rebecca] going in that [romantic] direction,” he added.

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