On the ‘Bering Sea Gold’ Finale, It’s All Hands on Deck to Strike It Rich (VIDEO)


On tonight’s Season 5 finale of Bering Sea Gold, it’s the last day for every dredge to prove themselves on the ice with the clock crunching down on the last ice day of the shortest ice season in history. Over at the Bluffs, Sean (aka. “Mr. Gold”) seeks to prove his gut instincts about gold right and his father wrong.

Elsewhere on the Clark, former lovers and current business partners Emily and Zeke assess the future of their joint venture. At the Paddy Wagon, Kris makes a last-ditch effort at success and, last but not least, the stress is high for Vern at the Wild Ranger, as his team seeks to prove his $100,000 investment wasn’t a waste. Will his gamble (and everyone else’s) pay off?

Watch an exclusive clip of tonight’s finale, which shows Vern sending a crew member and some equipment down to the ocean depths.

Bering Sea Gold airs tonight at 9/8c on Discovery Channel.