Michael Weatherly: ‘Extraordinary’ Things Will Happen on ‘NCIS’—Just Don’t Ask Him About Them! (VIDEO)


It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Michael Weatherly is just as funny in real life as his NCIS counterpart, Special Agent Tony DiNozzo.

The actor is an eternal jokester, teasing us about what’s coming up in Season 13…without actually giving anything away. After joking that both Caitlyn Jenner and David Letterman would be stopping by, Weatherly said, “There’s all sorts of crazy stuff you will soon be privy to, but you’ve gotta be patient.”

One thing’s for certain: DiNozzo will be heading out to Los Angeles to help Hetty’s team on NCIS: Los Angeles. But he won’t be fully prepared for “the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants attitude of some of those people out in La La Land,” Weatherly revealed.

Watch the video above to hear Weatherly quote Tom Petty and joke about Jon Cryer’s role on NCIS.

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