Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs on ‘2 Broke Girls’ Heading to Hollywood—and the Return of Candy Andy


Kat Dennings, Beth Behrs and Jonathan Kite stopped by New York City earlier this week to salute 2 Broke Girls‘ new syndication with plenty of cupcakes from Sprinkles. Now that the comedy series is airing on TBS five nights a week, “we’re really thrilled for people to get to know the show again from the beginning and for people who haven’t seen it yet to tune in,” said an excited Dennings, who plays Max.

Looking ahead, what else is cooking when the show returns midseason for Season 5? The return of Caroline’s (Behrs) Season 2 love interest, Candy Andy (Ryan Hansen), “It’s a pretty intense episode,” Behrs revealed.

Viewers will also meet Caroline’s grandmother in the series’ 100th episode, and Oleg (Kite) and Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge) will get serious about having a baby: “[They’re] always trying to have a baby, but [they’re] pulling the goalie this time,” Kite says. “We’re exploring the humor with all the options that go in with that—being on a schedule, and there are all these apps. The made-up app on our show is hysterical. Ours is about a monkey. So this monkey starts screaming every time it wants us to have sex.”

Unfortunately though, we won’t see Max and Caroline eating baguettes or strolling past the Eiffel Tower as last season’s finale teased. “We don’t really know what happened to Paris,” Dennings said. “We just left for Paris and then never spoke of it again.” Added Behrs, “I assume they had a great time and spent a lot of money because they’re still broke.”

But that doesn’t mean you won’t get to see the ladies traveling. “Caroline sells her story to Hollywood to make a film,” Dennings shared. “And [they] could make some money out of that, so [they] go to Hollywood and Max meets a man there.” Dennings already has a frontrunner for the guy in her mind, of course. “They said an older man, so I said John Waters,” she said. “Obviously. Because he’s a silver fox.”

2 Broke Girls returns midseason on CBS.

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